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Ockam at Oktane 2021 - A builders guide to Trust.

Matthew Gregory CEO
Published 2021-04-10
LearningOckam at Oktane 2021 - A builders guide to Trust.

End-to-end encryption and mutual authentication between cloud and edge apps

Enterprises need to be able to trust the data that flows through their business operations.

What happens when that data is generated at the edge, in IoT, or connected devices that live outside of the data center? How should you think about trust as your business processes move out to the edge? More so: how difficult will it be to build and operate this new generation of applications?

Enjoy this builders guide to Trust in autonomous connected applications. We'll show how cloud services can establish lightweight secure channels with IoT and edge devices that guarantee end-to-end data integrity, authenticity, and authorization.

This demo will show how a fleet of machines can be enrolled with cloud services and how applications can exchange attribute based cryptographic credentials to ensure granular, dynamic, policy driven access control.

This blog and video is a reproduction from Okta's Oktane 2021 conference.

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