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9 months ago

Ockam at Oktane 2020 - The Future of Identity

Matthew Gregory

Trust in IoT? The Open Source Ecosystem is Coming to the Rescue!

Enterprises need to be able to trust the data that flows through their business operations.

What happens when that data is generated at the edge, in IoT, or connected devices that live outside of the data center? How should you think about trust as your business processes move out to the edge? More so: how difficult will it be to build and operate this new generation of applications?

In this session, we’ll discuss a framework for building trustful architectures and the importance of secure messaging between machines and the cloud – giving a view into the future for IoT by investigating what we have learned from the past decade of open-source, cloud-native application development.

Here's a hint:

It all starts with identity!

In this 25 minute session I will address five key points:

  1. My journey to this point in time.
  2. The root problem with IoT is ...
  3. Why Open Source?
  4. Case Study: IoT + Open Source at Ockam.
  5. One thing to take home with you.

This blog and video is a reproduction from Okta's Oktane 2020 conference.

You can find even more great videos by other luminaries in the identity space by visiting the home page for Oktane 2020 "The Future of Identity", here.


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