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a year ago

Why IoT needs Secure Messaging - San Francisco IoT Meetup

Mrinal Wadhwa

Security and privacy are key concerns in the design of how data flows within IoT. Many popular IoT communication protocols provide mechanisms to handle identification, authentication, data integrity, confidentiality and other functionality related to secure communication.

These mechanisms, however, are usually tightly coupled with the transport protocol. IoT systems, on the other hand, tend to have data flows that span multiple transport layer connections and often multiple transport protocols.

Below is a slide deck that I presented at the San Francisco IoT Meetup on how decoupling secure communication from the transport layer removes complexity, minimizes the attack surface, and can enable us to build better end-to-end secure and private systems.

Recently, I also had a great discussion with Jon Reed of Diginomica about this topic on his Podcast:

If you're interested in learning more about Ockam's approach to Secure Messaging, we're discussing our protocols and architecture openly on the Ockam Proposals repository and on Ockam Discussions, come join us.


IOT Device Security is Not One-and-Done


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