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Ockam is a suite of tools, programming libraries and infrastructure that make it easy to build devices that communicate securely, privately and trustfully with cloud services and other devices.

We believe that Security, Privacy and Trust are application layer concerns and IoT developers should have simple tools to granularly control these aspects of their applications.

Cryptographic protocols can be a powerful tool to solve many complex, real world challenges in deploying dependable IoT at scale. Such protocols, however, must be designed and implemented with extreme care.

In Ockam, we're taking proven cryptographic building blocks and applying them to build solutions for common IoT and edge computing problems like:

  • Secure, easy and rapid enrollment of large fleets of devices.
  • Scalable provisioning, proof of possession, rotation, and revocation of identity keys and credentials.
  • End-to-end encrypted communication over low-bandwidth, intermittently connected, multi-protocol IoT and edge network topologies.

Our goal is to provide this functionality in multiple programming languages with secure, high level application interfaces that are easy to use correctly and hard to misuse.


What's the story behind the Ockam name?


End-to-end encrypted secure channels

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