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End-to-end encrypted secure channels


Secure Channels provide end-to-end encrypted and mutually authenticated communication that is safe against eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery of messages en-route.

Machines, within IoT systems, communicate amongst each other by exchanging messages over a variety of transport protocols like TCP, UDP, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRaWAN etc. Many of these protocols also come with some means of establishing secure communication, however, the security properties of these mechanisms can vary in many subtle but significant ways.

In typical IoT scenarios, a message travels over multiple transport protocol connections before reaching its destination and this communication is often asynchronous. En-route, the message passes through several protocol gateways, edge gateways, vendor specific servers, load balancers, network proxies etc.

This means that even though, in well configured systems, each connection may be secure, the end-to-end application layer communication is insecure because the application's data is fully observable and manipulatable at these intermediaries.

Furthermore, experienced system architects know that network boundaries are not enforceable in modern real world environments. This is why we've embraced the mantra of Zero Trust in network perimeters.

The zero trust principles teach us that the best security design strategy is to assume that internal and partner networks are just as fraught with danger as the public internet. There should be no implicit trust in network location and infrastructure, instead applications must be able to make granular access decisions based on cryptographic identities and credentials.

Ockam includes simple library functions to bootstrap and create lightweight, end-to-end secure channels that enable application developers to easily encode these precise, granular, least privilege access decisions within their IoT systems.




Application Layer Routing

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