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Connected machines and devices communicate amongst each other by exchanging messages over a variety of transport protocols like TCP, UDP, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRaWAN etc.

Ockam includes a set of secure communication protocols, like secure channels that provide their functionality in a way that is agnostic to the underlying means of transporting messages. Such higher level protocols need a simple consistent mechanism, to send and receive messages, that only loosely couples them with the underlying transport protocol. This loose coupling is achieved using an abstract Transport interface.

A concrete implementation of the Transport interface is called an Ockam Transport. Over time there will be many such implementations.


This loose coupling between Ockam's higher level protocols and how a specific transport sends or receives messages allows us to design secure protocols that can provide consistent guarantees in complex IoT topologies.

The precise design of the Transport interface is being discussed as part of Ockam Proposal OP-0005.


Secure Channels



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