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Rust Guide

This is a guide to using the Ockam Rust SDK. Over the course of four examples, the guide builds a distributed echo service that forwards messages between nodes.

The Get Started guide walks developers through the fundamentals of using Ockam in a rust project.

In Step 1 we build a basic Ockam node and worker. The core data types and traits that comprise the Ockam API are introduced, along with the asynchronous runtime.

Step 2 introduces Ockam transports and message routing. The Ockam TCP transport is used to send messages between two nodes.

The Ockam Hub is a remote node that can send, receive, and route messages between nodes. Step 3 shows you how to use the TCP transport to send messages to a node hosted on the Hub.

Message forwarding is discussed in Step 4, enabling you to route messages between remote nodes.


Get StartedGet ready to use the Ockam Rust SDK.
Step 1Build your first node and worker.
Step 2Send messages between nodes.
Step 3Learn how to use the Ockam Hub.
Step 4Use Ockam Hub to forward messages between nodes.

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