The creation of simple solutions out of complex problems is the basis for our namesake, Ockam. Progressing to simplicity is an iterative process where every idea, product, and procedure at Ockam should be governed by the principles in Ockham’s Razor.

The Team:

Ockam has the ethos of a world-class sports team. “The team, the team, the team”. If we, first, take care of the team and the people on it, everything else will work out in the end. Many unforeseeable things will happen on our journey. Resiliency and toughness will get us through obstacles if we build a team-first culture. The team includes every Ockam employee, advisor, investor, technical partner, customer, and our developer community. Moreso;

Winning: Winning matters. We play with the endgame in focus from the beginning. Results come from having a strong team of doers at every level. We value ideas after they turn into something real. To this end, we also value losing, as part of learning, on our journey towards maximizing the ultimate potential for the team.

Passion: We believe that passion is an intrinsic part of people. We aim to create platform for everyone on the team to express and apply their passion to our shared mission.

Fun: We believe that we can have fun while building great products, the team, and our business.

Fitness: The mental and physical health of everyone on, or around, the team is of paramount importance to the performance of our team.

Honesty: We are honest to a fault. The best way to drive trust among the team is to take an ‘over the top’ honest mindset into every situation.

Curiosity: Curiosity drives discovery, which leads to learning. Newfound knowledge diversifies the team’s perspective and increases our ability to innovate. This is a team of, and for, Infinite Learners.

Disagree and Commit: To deliver innovative products we will commit to pointed ideas that may not have universal consensus on the team.

Innovation: We prioritize innovation over tradition. To this end, diverse perspectives and a diverse team are paramount to the success of Ockam.


Ockam is a product company. Our products live in others’ products, which enable new technical ecosystems to exist. The end user of the resultant ecosystem must have an experience where the technology is abstracted away and all that is left is a simple harmony. Moreso;

Beauty in Design: We love meticulously designed, beautiful, simple, and useful products with elegant user experiences.

Technology: We love technology and believe that it can be used to improve the lives of everyone. We value machines and their ability to work alongside people to solve complex problems.

The Team ships: We ship code regularly, predictably, and with documentation and content that delights our users and customers.

Security and Privacy: We believe that people have the right to own their own data and to control their own devices in a decentralized structure.

Customer Value: The greatest honor one can give to a product is to pay for it; It’s the customer’s way of letting us know that we have created something of value.

Business Fundamentals: Ockam is a business, and thus the fundamental business drivers matter. Our products drive our business forward.

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