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Environment Specific Software Development Kits

Ockam Cloud SDK

Application developers rely on lots of open-core cloud services as part of their stack. Datastores, stream processing engines, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) services are common examples. However, application workloads are not limited to the secure confines of the data center anymore; Builders want to connect cloud services to applications running in devices at the edge!

The Ockam Cloud SDK is crafted to create simple interfaces between cloud services, and edge applications. When cloud services include the Ockam Cloud SDK, cloud applications can trust messages sent from applications running in devices at the edge.

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Ockam Edge SDK

The Ockam Edge SDK is made for ‘linux boxes at the edge’. Gateways, computers, phones and even cars are tasked with moving data between the far edges of networks and the cloud. Typically these devices are equipped with wired or wireless connectivity, significant processing capabilities, and run one of the the many popular distributions of Linux. Data that is generated, consumed, or passed through the edge must be trusted.

The Ockam Edge SDK supports the end-to-end encrypted message handling that your complex systems integrations demand.

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Ockam Embedded SDK

The Ockam Embedded SDK makes it easy for builders to access the cryptographic functions and key storage features of modern chips. Move data between the device and the cloud with Ockam’s built in security protocols.

Most application developers struggle to utilize hardware's cryptographic functions and typically are not familiar with programming with hardware instruction sets. The Ockam Embedded SDK creates simple abstrations to these complex functions. This guarantees that application developers use cryptographic hardware functions as their engineers intended.

If you are a manufacturer of chipsets, boards, or complete IoT devices, the Ockam Embedded SDK is also for you. You’ve built cryptographic capabilities into your silicon, Ockam’s SDK makes it easy for your customers to use it securely. Simply include the Ockam Embedded SDK along with your instruction set to simplify the developer experience for your customers.

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Ockam Registry

An Ockam Registry is a foundational component in the Trust Architecture of any secure connected device ecosystem. The Ockam Registry is a hosted cloud service that stores Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), verified credentials, and metadata for your devices.

Learn more about the Ockam Registry
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Ockam Router

Routing secure messages in a connected device ecosystem is complicated to get right. The Ockam Router is a hosted cloud service that combines an Ockam Router Service and the Ockam Cloud SDK, in an easy to deploy puclic cloud hosted instance.

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