Building Connected Systems You Can Trust is Hard

Ockam makes it as simple as it should be.

When open tools replace dedicated skills, individual developers are empowered to focus on building better products.

The Ockam open source tool belt abstracts complexity and codifies security best practices so you can easily and quickly build secure connected solutions.

Features of Ockam

Secure Identity & Credential Management
Decentralized Identifiers

Cryptographically provable, decentralized identifiers (DIDs) for each device to ensure data integrity and protect against identity spoofing.

Device and Service Registry

Ockam Blockchain based registry for discovering public keys, protocols, endpoints and other metadata about a device or a service.

Hardware Vault and Cryptography

Safely store private keys and credentials in hardware and easily leverage cryptographic modules or enclaves to sign device or service generated data.

Key and Credential Management

Easily setup, rotate, revoke keys and other credentials without complex and brittle PKI.

Secure Connectivity & Messaging
Trustful Communication

Use Verifiable Credentials and Peer-to-peer Mutual Authentication to establish trust: device-to-device or device-to-service.

End-to-End encrypted messaging

Secure, efficient and scalable end-to-end encrypted messaging to protect against tampering, replay, snooping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Trusted Twins

Cloud based, persistent, mutually trusted twin of each device so applications can interact with device state and enqueue messages even when a device is offline.

Ockam Blockchain Network

A fast finality, safety favouring, light client friendly, and horizontally scalable blockchain network that is optimized for connected devices.

Ockam's open Source Products
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Ockam TrustedDevices

For App Developers and System Integrators

Most application developers rely on cloud infrastructure. We use open source cloud-native tools to build apps that are secure and scalable. We build fast.

Now those same open source tool skills can be used to connect apps to connected devices that live outside of the cloud infrastructure. With Ockam TrustedDevices all application developers can connect to and trust data that moves to and from devices at the edge.


For Hardware and Chipset Engineers

Trusted platform modules and secure compute environments are now prolific in connected device hardware. However, rarely are they used by application developers.

When Ockam Vault is added to device firmware, or when an open source integration is supported within Ockam it becomes easy for all developers to simply access and to securely rely upon cryptographic secrets that are stored in your hardware.


For Cloud Service
Product managers

As open source developers we build with stacks, not platforms. However, integrating time series datastores, access management tools, and analytics engines into highly distributed connected devices is hard.

The Ockam open source SDK helps to make these integrations easy, so that app builders and system integrators can focus on what they do best - not complicated integrations. If you are a product manager of a cloud service that utilizes connected device data or controls IoT at the edge, then Ockam SDKConnect is for you.

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Ockam is a new approach to help developers innovate with the Internet of Things. The platform rolls up the best practices in secure connected device systems

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