Ockam Cloud SDK

The Ockam Cloud SDK includes everything you need to trust the flow of data from edge environments into the cloud services that your applications depend upon. Developers of all skills and backgrounds can now connect cloud services to the edge without specific distributed systems integration skills or cryptographic security know how.

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Ockam Cloud SDK is designed to run efficiently in public or private cloud deployments

Ockam Cloud SDK will become available in Rust, Golang (Go), Java, Erlang and Elixir. Devices at the edge can easily connect to, authenticate with, and send encrypted data to your cloud service.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Your data center

Elements of the Ockam Cloud SDK

Cloud Core SDK

The core functionality and protocols for Ockam are in the Core SDK. The Core creates interfaces to easily plug in Service Integrations, Vaults, and Transports to complete the Cloud SDK.

Service interface

Service Interfaces in the Ockam Library are adaptors that allow Cloud Service APIs to authenitcate with, and send messages to, the rest of a connected ecosystem.


Vaults are adaptors that allow any Hardware Security Modules to interface the Ockam Core. Store Ockam identifiers in cloud based HSMs.


Transports are adaptors that allow any transport to interface with the Ockam Core. Pick from TCP and UDP.

Get started!

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Build Your Own

Get the Cloud SDK Core

Plugin the Transport SDK element for your cloud environment

Choose a Vault implimentation for your cloud provider's HSM from the open source library, or build your own

Add a Cloud Service integration from the Ockam Library.

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OEM and Enterprise SLA licenses available

Our team is ready to help you get started, to build, or support your Ockam Cloud SDK

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