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Senior Product Manager - Orchestrator

We are seeking a talented Senior Product Manager with experience creating products in the open source developer ecosystem.

This is an exciting role where you will work directly with builders in enterprises, collaborators at Add-on partners, the broad open source community and the core Ockam engineering team.

You will be the first Product Manager at Ockam! You will be taking over PM responsibility from our CTO and CEO. You'll be responsible for all developer experiences and user flows. You will also have responsibility for, , and user guides.

You will work along side our CEO, CTO and VP of Engineering to help empower developers to build trusted systems. You will work with users, write code, and help with how-to guides. This role is highly technical and very hands-on given the technical aspects of Ockam's product and the use cases we encounter.

You will leverage your prior expertises as a senior engineer to create demos and documentation - this is a great opportunity to jump into the Rust ecosystem in earnest.


  • Product manager at an OSS dev tool company.
  • Organizing developer evangelism events, and activities.
  • User experience design.
  • Documentation and library design.
  • Managing partner and customer relationships.
  • Organizing developer evangelism events, and activities.
  • Open Source ecosystems and best practices


  • At least 5 years of developer/engineering experience.
  • Building technical demos in multiple languages.
  • Writing and curating technical documentation.
  • Cloud environments and tools.
  • Git workflows.
  • User funnel management.

Ockam is a distributed, remote-first team with a headquarters in San Francisco California.

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