Ockam makes it as simple as it should be.

Build connected systems you can trust.

Your customers expect security and data privacy from your products. Ockam’s developer tools enable you to:

IoT devices typically produce time series data. InfluxDB is structured and optimized to store and query time-stamped data.

IoT devices create streams of data. Ockam's protocols guarantee authentication between each IoT device and your instance of InfluxDB, regardless of where-in-the-world either sits.

Ensure security and confidentiality of your IoT data when you create and manage cryptographic keys in your IoT devices with Ockam.

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The Ockam Vision is to build trust between every connected device, every cloud service, everywhere.

It is inevitable that data and computing power will become ever more distributed across the edge and the cloud.

Building distributed systems of interconnected devices has become exceptionally difficult. Old tools, and the best of intentions, have been contorted past their breaking point. It takes massive budgets and highly specialized teams to ensure data integrity, security, and privacy - which means most connected systems remain negligently vulnerable.

Millions of application developers need access to simple tools.

Hundreds of technologies need to be integrated.

Our mission is to empower developers to build connections, simply.
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Ockam is built for all developers

Ockam is obsessed with simple developer experiences. This is why we've created three interface abstractions depending upon your needs.

If you are building an application you can utilize our simple application tools through APIs and pre-configured binaries.

Ockam Add-on interfaces help our technical partners build unique connectors for cloud services and new hardware environments with ease.

If you want to go deep into how Ockam is built, run a security audit, expose an issue, contribute an Add-on, or make an update - the raw open-source code in GitHub is for you.

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