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Build Trust

Between your platform
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Networkless connectivity

Ockam works at
application layer.
When application security is
decoupled from your network,
you can skip the pain of


Ockam is
zero trust.
So your application
can be secure too.

The Magic

That means you can stop
waiting for IT to set up a private link


Portals transport data-in-motion over end-to-end encrypted Ockam secure channels. They work at the application layer and abstract away the setup, management, and security of the network layer. When application connectivity and security is decoupled from your network, you no longer need to wait for your IT team to give you permissions to build trusted connections.

Virtual Adjacency

An Ockam Portal does something that feels like magic; It virtually moves your remote application through the Portal so that it's available on localhost.

You won't have to change your network layer configurations, or even to understand them - at all.

Ockam is networkless.

Use Cases

To orchestrate
key management
at massive scale

Access Distributed Data

Create secure access to private databases - from any application, anywhere!

Stop exposing private data to the public internet with service ports.

Start isolating data exposure to the endpoint of your application.

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Secure Kafka Streams

Guarantee data authenticity and integrity from producers all-the-way to consumers.

Stop exposing the broker to your data streams.

Start encrypting data-in-motion through Kafka.

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Connect Products to Private systems

Create security product features for your enterprise customers.

Stop asking your customers to make network configuration changes.

Build Ockam into your existing products - in minutes.

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Introductions to key concepts and how Ockam makes your systems secure-by-design

What is Ockam?

The three things you need to know about Ockam.


The magic that means you don't need to change the network.

Virtual Adjacencies & Portals

Make remote services appear as though they're local with Portals.