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It's simple, with

Networkless connectivity

Ockam works at the application layer.

When application security is decoupled from your network,
you can skip the pain of
implicit trust in your network

And it's


Ockam is

So your applications can be secure too.


Portals carry various protocols over end-to-end encrypted Ockam secure channels. They work at the application level and abstract away the setup, management, and security of the network layer. When application connectivity and security is decoupled from your network, you no longer need to wait for your IT team to give you permissions to build connections.

No port forwarding, no changes to firewalls, no VPNs, no reverse proxies, no Private Link… get systems connected within minutes.

Virtual Adjacency

The magical thing that Ockam unlocks via Portals is what we call Virtual Adjacency.

The Portal connects your application to a remote application, and virtually pulls it through the portal so that it appears as though they sit next to each other on the same machine. That means applications are available to each other on localhost in a peer-to-peer way.

What we don't have to do in this scenario is change any of the network layer configurations or really need to understand anything at the network layer at all.

In this way we say Ockam is networkless.

Use Cases

To orchestrate
end-to-end encryption
— at massive scale


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