Build Trust

Ockam enables developers to build apps
that can Trust data-in-motion

Connect Applications, not Networks

Finally, you can forget about networks, clouds, gateways, protocols, routers, relays, ELBs, VPNs, VPCs, CAs, tokens, and <a bunch of other things you didn't get into this gig to deal with in the first place>

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Trust at the Application Layer

Cryptographic identities and authentication - everywhere

Managed credential authorities and ABAC

Enrollment protocols that bootstrap

BYO identity providers and access control policies

End-to-End Encryption for Data-in-Motion

Through networks, clouds, and protocols

Over enterprise messaging and event streams

For existing and new infrastructure

Built for high-thoughput, low-latency, and high-availability

Open and Adaptable

Open Source

Add-ons for Confluent, InfluxData, Okta, KMS, UDP and more

Developer Experience

Tools and Packages

SLAs and Support

How is Ockam Used?

Run Ockam at each of your applications to create a secure communication channel directly with all of your other apps.

Virtually-Adjacent Databases image

Virtually-Adjacent Databases

Create secure communication with private databases from anywhere.

No longer do you need to expose your data to the public internet with service ports.

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Secure-by-Design Messaging image

Secure-by-Design Messaging

Guarantee data authenticity and integrity of events from producers all-the-way to end consumers.

End-to-end encrypt data-in-motion through Kafka.

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Developer-First Authentication image

Developer-First Authentication

Authenticate and authorize every access decision.

Add identity-driven controls to enforce enterprise policies everywhere.

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Trust for Data-in-Motion

Modern applications are distributed and have an unwieldy number of interconnections that must trustfully exchange data. To trust data-in-motion, applications need end-to-end guarantees of data integrity, authenticity, and privacy.

Ockam empowers you with simple developer tools to add data guarantees to any application.


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Build Trust

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