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Protocol architect

Secure Protocols Architect with expertise in Applied Cryptography, Authentication and experience designing/implementing Secure Messaging protocols.

Embedded systems Architect

Embedded Systems Architect with expertise developing for various Microcontrollers and SoCs. Experience with ARM processors, various radio protocols, bootloading, firmware, verified/secure boot, cryptographic modules and secure enclaves.

Distributed systems Architect

Distributed Systems Architect with expertise in fault tolerant algorithms (BFT would be great), high throughput real time messaging and streaming systems. Experience using Erlang or Elixir or similar actor model based languages. Experience with the core design of streaming systems like Kafka, Spark Steaming, etc.

Storage and data structures Architect

Storage and Database Design Architect with experience designing core database engines. Experience with distributed systems, consensus protocols, graphs and query language design.

Solution Engineer

Sales or Solutions Engineer with customer focus and exposure to full stack IoT system architectures and solution design.

Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager with experience messaging to builders and who has exposure to open source tools, IoT systems, and enterprise software.

Your dream role

If you are excited about what Ockam's mission and our products, reach out to us and let us know where you think you fit on our team. It could be a hybrid of our other roles, or something that is in our blind spot.

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Ockam is a new approach to help developers innovate with the Internet of Things. The platform rolls up the best practices in secure connected device systems

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