Data-at-rest is solved. Have you secured all your data-in-motion?

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Ockam is a single, holistic, and consistent approach to securing data across your entire enterprise

Security should be a starting point, not a destination

Have you been operating in a mode where security assessments are happen late in a project? Any problems that are identified suddenly create uncomfortable trade-offs: delay project delivery to ensure all the issues are resolved, or make pragmatic compromises on security/compliance posture that you need to prioritize fixing later.

Ockam is about empowering teams to build solutions that are secure-by-design.

Give your teams the tools that ensure systems are built securely from the very beginning. Ockam's approach of "virtual adjacency" means your teams can build complicated distributed service architectures, but with a developer experience that's as simple as having everything on localhost. And because Ockam works across any multiple transport layers and network topologies your security team doesn't need to independently audit a multitude of complicated solutions. It's one approach, everywhere.

A solution developers will love

Ockam was built by developers for developers. We're one of the most popular and fastest growing open source security project and communities.

Anywhere, everywhere

Our approach works through networks, protocols, and clouds. On-prem, across clouds, TCP, bluetooth... it even works through asynchronous messaging systems such as Apache Kafka!

Say no to certs

No more worrying about centralized certificate management, rotating certificates before they expire, and the delicate act of rolling those updates out across your organization.

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