Designing secure-by-design systems starts with Architects

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Ockam is a single, holistic, and consistent approach to securing data across your entire enterprise

Data is most valuable, and vulnerable, when it's moving

Have you been trying to help unlock the value of data that is hidden by access control rules and network topologies that prevent it from getting to where it is valuable? Those controls are well intended, but they're also designed for a previous world with different needs.

Ockam is about empowering teams to build solutions that are secure-by-design.

Give your teams the tools that ensure systems are built securely from the very beginning. Ockam's approach of "virtual adjacency" means your teams can build complicated distributed service architectures, but with a developer experience that's as simple as having everything on localhost. No matter where your data is it looks and feels like it is local. And because Ockam works across any multiple transport layers and network topologies your security team doesn't need to independently audit a multitude of complicated solutions. It's one approach, everywhere.

A solution developers will love

Ockam was built by developers for developers. We're one of the most popular and fastest growing open source security project and community.

Anywhere, everywhere

Our approach works through networks, protocols, and clouds. On-prem, across clouds, TCP, bluetooth... it even works through asynchronous messaging systems such as Apache Kafka!

Identity & Attribute Based Access Control

Authorization to even establish a route to other services is tied to the unique identity of the client requesting access, which is both more flexible in terms of supporting modern and often dynamic deployment approaches and also more clearly aligns with your intentions around access controls. If the client is able to establish trust that they are who they say they are then they are able to route their packets to the database. Contrast that to historical approaches with _permanent_ access decisions based on assumptions about the remote network (e.g. is this request coming from an IP addess we have pre-authorized?). This is in addition to the authentication and authorization controls your services may already be providing, which will continue to work as they always have.

Say no to certs

No more worrying about centralized certificate management, rotating certificates before they expire, and the delicate act of rolling those updates out across your organization.

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