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Creating an Ockam Secure Channel takes minutes, and doesn’t require any complex network changes. Enable your teams to quickly integrate with SaaS applications with no code changes, and no dependencies.

No network or firewall changes

Waiting for network configurations changes is preventing your teams from delivering value today. Don't wait for your network ops teams to make complicated changes when you can deploy a secure connection yourself.

Ockam works with your existing infrastructure, and runs alongside your application or database. Establish mutually authenticated secure channels, which enables trusted communication between systems.

Trust your security team can depend on

Ockam's approach uses existing and well established open source technologies and frameworks. We build trust through transparency so your CISO can be confident everything meets their requirements. The cryptographic and messaging protocols are publicly documented and the implementations are open source and available on GitHub. We've published an independent third-party audit by the security research firm Trail of Bits. The current status of our latest audits and compliance controls are also available.

Complete multi-cloud support

Some SaaS vendors can only provide private connectivity within a single cloud provider, and only if you're private databases are running within that same cloud. Ockam is agnostic to network-level and cloud-specific features. Whatever cloud you're on, even if you're running a multi-cloud setup, Ockam is a single approach that will connect you securely.

Self-managed deployments

Ockam Orchestrator is a cloud-based fully managed solution that allows you to be successful within minutes. With SLA guarantees and publicly available historical uptime reporting, it's the preferred deployment approach for the majority of customers. For those with specific self-managed deployment requirements, Ockam Business Critical provides options for running entirely within your own VPC or on-prem.

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