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Simple & secure connections across any cloud and datacenter. With no changes to your code.

Remove unnecessary network complexity

Asking your customers to make changes to their network and infrastructure configuration to connect to your product is slowing down on-boarding and adoption. Replace the bureaucracy required to make network-level changes with the excitement of seeing value from using your product.

Ockam works with your product's existing solutions such as PrivateLink of VPC peering, but removes the need for your customers to make changes to their account. Your customer runs Ockam alongside your app, establishes a mutually authenticated secure channel, which enables trusted communication between the systems.

Your customers can have your systems connected in minutes, not weeks.

Multi-cloud deployments

Ockam's agnostic to network-level and cloud-specific features. That means no matter which cloud your customers are using, or if they're using multiple clouds, you've a single approach that works consistently wherever your customers are. That includes other on-prem environments, data centers, or even a server that's under someone's desk.

Trust your security team can depend on

Ockam's approach uses existing and well established open source technologies and frameworks. The cryptographic and messaging protocols are publicly documented and the implementations are open source and available on GitHub.

Also available is a published and independent third-party audit by the security research firm Trail of Bits.

Trust at the application level

Traditional solutions like peering, VPNs, and maintaining allow lists - network-level approaches that connect entire networks to each other. To reduce lateral movement within the networks further controls are then applied.

By elevating trust to the application level, Ockam provides fine-grained access controls that map to actual business needs. There's no long-standing assumptions about networks, and secure communication guarantees push beyond network perimeters and system boundaries — they're established all the way through to the applications processing your data.

Data authenticity & integrity

The approach to mutual authentication of every app that Ockam provides results in strong data governance guarantees around the authenticity and integrity of the messages moving through your system.

Self-managed deployments

Ockam Orchestrator is a cloud-based fully managed solution that allows you, and your customers, to be successful within minutes. With SLA guarantees and publicly available historical uptime reporting, it's the preferred deployment approach for the majority of customers. For those with specific self-managed deployment requirements, Ockam Business Critical provides options for running entirely within your own VPC or on-prem.

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