What does it meant to build trust for data-in-motion?

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As an industry, we've made huge improvements in ensuring we secure data when it is at rest. But data that is at rest isn't valuable. Data is valuable when it's being used, when it's in motion. How safe is it when it's in motion?

Throughout most modern deployments communication between clients and services is encrypted using TLS.

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Ockam was built by developers for developers. We're one of the most popular and fastest growing open source security projects and communities.

Anywhere, everywhere

Our approach works through networks, protocols, and clouds. On-prem, across clouds, TCP, bluetooth... it even works through asynchronous messaging systems such as Apache Kafka!

Say no to certs

No more worrying about centralized certificate management, rotating certificates before they expire, and the delicate act of rolling those updates out across your organization.

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