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Everything The Team does is based on Trust.

That’s why Trust is our one-and-only value.

Matthew Gregory

CEO of Ockam

Virtues of the Ockam Team

Our Value is what we believe. Our Virtues are what we do.

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Ockam is a team of doers, builders, shippers, and finishers. We created an environment where every individual is empowered to act, and trusted to be world-class in their role.


The creation of simple solutions out of complex problems is the basis for our namesake, Ockam. Every idea, product, and procedure at Ockam is refined to be as simple as it should be.


We trust each other to be transparent, authentic and honest. As a globally-distributed, remote-first team transparent communication establishes our culture of trust.

Time Efficient

Time is the most valuable asset that we have. We trust each other to use our time with respect. We consider how our actions, and use of time, impact everyone else on The Team.

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Ockam is a remote-first, globally distributed team.


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