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We are looking for a VP of Engineering to be a key member of the executive team at Ockam. Ockam builds open-source developer-first tools for mutual authentication and end-to-end encrypted messaging between distributed applications, in any environment, anywhere… Trust Data-in-Motion. Ockam has seen tremendous growth in developer engagement with its open source code over the past 6 months, and has become one of the fastest growing open source projects on GitHub. If you love to build teams that ship developer tools, then this role is for you! We currently have about 12 people on the team. We just raised a Series A and will double the team's headcount to 30 in 2022-3. You will be instrumental in fueling our engineering talent growth. Over the next year we plan to add 2 engineering managers and 10-12 engineers and into the engineering organization. You will initially be a direct manager of most of the existing engineering team, and eventually be a manager of managers by this time next year. You will help the executive team craft realistic, company-scale, OKRs for the engineering roadmap and keep engineering deliverables in sync with Product, GTM, and customer objectives. Your entrepreneurial and team building skills will also be challenged - you will help to shape the engineering structure of our team from the ground up. At Ockam we have a philosophy around and are committed to build a high performing team. This means that we align individuals to roles that align with their world class skills, and empower their growth. You will learn a lot from our diverse team, and will be trusted to empower others. You will need Sr. Engineer skills to excel in this role. The entire Ockam team is deeply technical, so your ability to pull knowledge from across the team is important. We don’t expect you to know more than everyone else on the team, but you should be able to engage in thoughtful, respectful, and deeply technical discussions with anyone on the team.


  • Managing and developing managers and individual contributors.
  • Hiring 'A players' from diverse backgrounds.
  • Team leader that coaches teammates with a growth mindset.
  • Distributed, Remote-First team management.
  • Creating and forecasting OKR deliverables at a quarterly and yearly scale.
  • Senior engineering skills and experience with building complex distributed systems.
  • Shipping open source developer tools.


  • API design principles.
  • Writing code in multiple programming languages.
  • GitHub operations / management in an open source environment. 
  • Syncing product roadmaps and OKRs with small scale issues, PRs, and individual projects.
  • Director/ VP / Head of Engineering at an open source, cloud infrastructure, or developer tools company.


You will be working directly with Ockam's CEO and CTO on a daily basis. You must be a US Citizen, but can work from anywhere. Ockam is a distributed, remote-first team with a headquarters in San Francisco California.

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