What to know about your new Ockam subscription

Welcome to Ockam.

There are a couple things that we want you to be aware of as you start your subscription.

  • Refer to the EULA, terms of service, and Ockam pricing page for subscription details.
  • You've initiated a 14 day free trial period.
  • Free trials have a data rate cap of 1GB/day. However data transfer will be free during your free trial period.
  • You can cancel this trial at any time by sending an email to sales@ockam.io.
  • Your paid subscription will automatically start at the conclusion of the free trial.
  • You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your paid subscription at any time.
  • Since you will be paying for each period (month, or annual) upfront, your canceled subscription will continue to be usable until the end of the period that you've paid for.
  • You may incur additional overage charges for data transfer costs. Consult the pricing page for data transfer costs.

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